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We believe our outsourcing services are a strategic element in business transformation.
GIUX can be in charge of IT and business functions and processes allowing organizations to devote the necessary time and resources to the company.

We provide Outsourcing Services through technicians specialized in different fields (technical support, monitoring and operation, analysis and development) to obtain a regular performance and guarantee the operative continuity of work positions.

The service is supported by:

>> Staff selection process which ensures the right qualifications for the positions required in multiple fields (technical knowledge, team work and service capacity, etc.).
>> Service coordinators who monitor the performance of each resource.
>> Periodical service revisions and continuous improvement actions.
>> Individual qualification plans for each resource.

Benefits to the client:

>> We manage high-range severs, intermediate services and desktop, as well as other main management functions and essential support processes.
>> We provide outsourcing specialized consultancy to offer continuous improvement in processes.
>> We help you improve the application portfolio reliability through tools and strategies designed to reach consistent processes.
>> Absence of investment in fixed structures.
>> Greater flexibility: variable costs.
>> Access to a flexible infrastructure
>> Up-to-date and permanent specialized professional consultancy.
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