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Infrastructure services showcase how knowledge is put into action.

These services are performed by specialized staff through work methodologies (industry practical improvements) which take you to your goals faster and and in a more reliable way minimizing risks and ensuring production systems availability.

Infrastructure Services:

>> Help Desk – First class technical support services.
>> Second level technology technical support (MS Windows, Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, CA BAB). Incident scalability before HW/SW manufacturers (third level services).
Branch IT administration – Branch IT platform maintenance services (HW, SW, connectivity).
>> Desktop Deployment Services – massive PCs software deployment.
>> Implementation and migration through “key-in-hand” project execution. GIUX has a great commitment to this concept.
Implementation of the following Solutions:
                 >> Advanced infrastructure (MS Active Directory).
                 >> Messaging and collaboration.
                 >> Storage and backup.
        >> Infrastructure migrations (Directories and basic services).
        >> Messaging migrations
        >> Participation in global projects.
                 >> Global project management at local level.
                 >> Valid interlocutors before Headquarters, auditors, other suppliers.

Services provided to local branches of international corporations:

>> IT management and technical support aimed at local branches of international corporations.
In GIUX we have flexible models designed to help each company develop an effective strategy and build solutions with the appropriate technology.
These services are provided through the technologies below which are the result of our business alliances:
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