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In 1995 GIUX starts operating as a Software Infrastructure Solutions provider with the representation of Novell, IBM and Wall Data and stands out as a specialist in Netware, OS/2, Communication Server and Rumba.

As of 1997 we access the LOTUS world and a year later we incorporate TIVOLI thus gaining more experience in IBM technology.

In 1999 other IBM software products become part of the group: DB2 and WebSphere. Since then GIUX is recognized as IBM software PREMIER Canal.

In 2000 we access the PREMIER category in COMPUTER ASSOCIATES providing BackUp and Security Solutions through BrightStor, ArcServe and e-Trust.
We later incorporate to our capacities access to the IBM Hardware and in 2004 we reach the Advance Canal category in Storage and BackUp Solutions.

Currently we add to our alliances the MICROSOFT Certified Partner membership oriented to Advanced Infrastructure solutions, and Implementation and Server Migration services of this technology.

This portfolio of technological alliances with the leading manufacturers of the software industry, together with our qualified and certified professionals allows us to provide integrated solutions and world-class IT services which add value to our customers’ businesses.
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